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So You're Thinking of Buying A Mini-Lathe?

Luckily for you, this lathe is so popular it has a few online forums that discuss all matters 7x mini-lathe. Some with a membership base over 6,000!

Then there are the individual websites, hobbyists and enthusiasts that discuss their tooling, modifications, and other topics of personal interest. And these are abundant as well.

Before you get out your credit card, we suggest you read up on these little machines to find their pros and cons (because there are trade-offs). If you live close by a Harbor Freight, Grizzly, or other store that carries the mini-lathe, by all means check it out. Don't be too taken aback by its small size - even for such a mini-machine, it's still a capable workhorse. Just don't expect to turn your car's disc brakes on these lathes. : )

For educational purposes, this makes for a great learning machine. If you're a constant tinkerer, gadget builder, prototyper, model maker, R/C person, or any type of hobbyist, this lathe will certainly bring about new possibilities for your hobby. Imagine not having to pay $20 for that bushing - it can now be turned for the mere cost of the materials in minutes. You can now even start a cottage industry business selling those knick-knack parts to other hobbyists and make the lathe pay for itself!

With so much information out there on the internet (and even how-to videos) about the Sieg C2 Mini-Lathe (7x), you won't have any problems finding an answer to your question or gathering with a group of like-minded enthusiasts who enjoy talking it up about their mini-lathes.

Yahoo! Groups

There are two primary groups that discuss the 7x mini-lathe: the 7x10minilathe group and the 7x12minilathe group. Both groups share a combined membership base. The reason is quite simple: while both groups discuss these minilathes, the 7x10 group typically goes for days and days about off-topic issues ranging from politics to personal interests while the 7x12 group is pretty good about staying on-topic.

For the uninitiated, joining the 7x10minilathe group can be discouraging, frustrating, or just plain annoying due to their frequent off-topic threads. However, you'll find that if you stick it out and ask a question, there will be plenty of responses from the group. On the other hand, if you would rather stay away from the ott-topic posts, just join the 7x12minilathe group.

Here is the 7x10minilathe group description:

"Owners of the chinese 7x10 minilathes marketed by Harbor Freight, Grizzly, etc. can trade tips here. "

Here is the 7x12minilathe group description:

Topics Include: Homier, Grizzly, Harbor Freight, Einhell, Micromark brands of 7x10, 7x12, 7x14, 8x12 mini lathes, metal turning, machinists, CNC, lathe and tooling modification, projects, tips, hints, and tricks for the mini lathes. Beginners and experts welcome! If you want to learn about machining metal on a lathe, this is the group you've been looking for."

It would be a good idea for the moderator ofthe 7x10minilathe group to mention something about the off-topic posts being OK in the description. This would save a lot of newbies and people interested in the 7x discussions a lot of headache.

Personal Websites

There is abundance of personal websites out there. We'll be posting a comprehensive list shortly..

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